2023 Retro

Last year I've found out that I need to repeat myself a lot. So I've decided to start this. Time-to-time documenting of ideas, thoughts and research results. For case I need to persuade any other human(?) being about mud I've already stepped in.


Slowing down

On many fields I slowed down already. But last year it was even more. Not by hitting breaks, it was more like a natural process. Almost whole industry around me drives on debts. We intentionally made a lot of tech debts in favor of chasing something. But we're not good at paying them back.

Year 2023 was about slowing down for me. And slowing down even more. Just because I just feel that there are too many sand in the gears that needs to be cleaned. Debts need to be paid (at least a bit).

Year of refactoring

So I persuaded bunch of relevant people that facelifting something ancient is not a way. And I started to refactor years old tailor made templates of monolithic codebase. It was an interesting process noone wants to do. But here I am. A year later. After several set backs. Almost done. With templates that need much less thinking when was written or altered. This should be probably covered by several posts here in the future.

Year of bulding home

we've talked multiple times about moving to different flat with my wife. We lived in my bachelors flat ever since. It was definitely not a family place. It was actually a place on a good location to sleep and work. So we've looked at housing market which gone crazier than ever. So we've decided to redesign what we have. It's challenge to rebuild flat if you live in. But with 1,5 yo kid it's even more challenge.. But now we've probably done. 80 % of plans finished. Rest put on hold in favor of living.

Losing patience

I lost temper and patience several times with my colleagues and tech problems we've already faced before. I was sick about any "new" discussion about which styling technique we'll use. I've assigned to work exact hours it requires. So I have no time for this "shit". I didn't get in consideration that we have a lot of new guys, grown a lot, and milion other reasons why this actually wasn't waste of time as it looked to me. I was rude, cynical. But I don't want to be like this. So.. I simply stopped. Start more documenting my decisions and opinions.

Got agile and calm again

I worked far less then classic 9-5. Most of time I spent on kids playgrounds around. Letting the little one to find out it's own limits. Which shown was more about finding my own calm limits. But at the end of the day everything was only adrenaline (for me) and fun (for her). I have a good feeling from myself that we're raising the fearless. Playground can be challenging. Mentally challenging. More then any mindfullness course you can ever find online.

No-travel year

Like almost anyone in our generation I love to travel. We used to spend a lot of time on the road. But 2023 wasn't that year. We've sunk a lot of resources in building home. So we postpone travel to this year. So we'll see how it goes.


Will be hopefully more travel year again. I'm also going to write something here time-to-time to document myself and be more calm and patient with others on questions I've already thought about.